Heart of Yorkshire Education Group
Heart of Yorkshire Education Group

Official launch: Tuesday, 1st March, 2022

Heart of Yorkshire Education Group Launched

Selby College and Wakefield College are delighted to confirm that their plans to form a new combined Group progressed on schedule, and have successfully completed by the proposed merger date of 1st March 2022. The new Group aims to meet the education and skills needs across Yorkshire from its campuses in Castleford, Selby and Wakefield.

This follows the Secretary of State’s endorsement of the merged organisation’s name, the ‘Heart of Yorkshire Education Group’. Feedback from the public consultation process - which ran from 21st October to 22nd November 2021, demonstrated that the stakeholders for both Colleges were overwhelmingly in favour of the plans to form the new organisation, serving the skills needs of the region.

Respondents to the consultation agreed that the merger would develop and expand course offerings for students, improve learning through the sharing of best practice, meet local skills demands and create more opportunities for professional growth.

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Selby College and Wakefield College Merge

The launch of the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group today marks a new era of education in Yorkshire. Selby College and Wakefield College have today officially merged to form the ‘Heart of Yorkshire Education Group’ – bringing significant benefits to the region.

Tuesday, 1 March, 2022

Wakefield College students outside the Seacole Building at the Wakefield City Campus.

Right at the heart of Yorkshire

Castleford Campus

Castleford Campus

Selby Campus

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Wakefield City Campus, Harrison Building

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Wakefield City Campus


The merger of Wakefield College and Selby College, and the creation of the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group brings many new benefits to learners across the region and beyond.

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We will offer a wider range of courses and apprenticeships at all levels, including additional higher education pathways, increased support for our students and extended services for employers.

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We will take the very best practice from colleagues at both Colleges and combine it to enhance students’ experiences inside the classroom and outside. We believe this will result in better results for our students, improved progression opportunities and career enhancement.

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The merger creates a much larger College entity, which will mean more funding and the ability to invest in developing our offer to benefit students and apprentices across a wide geographical area.

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As separate organisations, both colleges have invested heavily in creating real-world learning environments and teaching spaces in recent years. As a Group, this investment will continue at pace to ensure our learners have access to the highest quality facilities.

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As a new, combined institution, we will continue to share proven expertise in quality improvement, ensuring that students across our communities can access a high-quality learning experience with excellent standards of support.

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Both Selby and Wakefield Colleges already work effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners and are integral hubs within their local communities. We will continue to play a key role in addressing social exclusion and raising aspirations by providing inclusive opportunities.

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Total number of students in 2020 - 2021.


Three campuses in three locations across the region.


Total number of higher education students taught in 2020 - 2021.


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