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Brand Guidelines for the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group


If you have any queries please contact the Marketing and Creative Team
Castleford Blue

Pantone® 660
C91 M51 Y0 K0
R0 G109 B182
HEX #006cb5
RAL 260 40 45 LED blue

Castleford Dark Blue

Pantone® 296
C91 M51 Y0 K90
R0 G18 B43
HEX #00122b

Castleford College Core Colours

Selby Red

Pantone® 485
C15 M100 Y100 K0
R205 G23 B25
HEX #cd1619
RAL 3028

Selby Dark Red

Pantone® 4975
C15 M100 Y100 K90
R52 G2 B0
HEX #340200

Selby College Core Colours

Wakefield Green

Pantone® 346
C73 M0 Y69 K0
R54 G174 B114
HEX #36ae72

Wakefield Dark Green

Pantone® 627
C73 M0 Y69 K90
R0 G43 B22
HEX #002a16

Wakefield College Core Colours

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